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Insomnia – a unique opportunity with the BBC

The BBC are filming a documentary series, following people with insomnia to see how they respond to various treatments. The program is to be aired on BBC Wales and BBC 2.

They are willing to pay for a months treatment at the Herbal Clinic, which includes consultation and medicines. The individual will be filmed to give an outline of their situation and how they progress.

Their criteria are that the person should be Welsh and currently in work.

Is this for you? Or is there someone you know that needs help with insomnia? Please spread the word!

There is an urgency to the response as the team would like to begin the project ASAP. We’ll take on the first person who accepts and you’re welcome to ask any questions.

If you’re not sure how we work at the Herbal Clinic, have a look at our website  or give us a call on 01792 474356

Meilyr James

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