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British Wheel of Yoga – Yoga classes and events throughout Wales

Yogaliving  –  A spiritual community comprising yoga events, retreats and resources throughout the UK


Miles Research on eye signs – photographic imaging including the iris and sclera

Daniele Lo Rito MD, an Italian surgeon, iridologist and acupucnturist – researcher, author of numerous books and developed the concept of multi-dimentional iridology.

John Andrews, medical herbalist and iridoligist – author and researcher into modern iridology, including the Inner Pupillary Border (IPB)

The International Iridology Practitioners Association – A register, iridology resource and active research site

Guild of Naturopathic Iridologists – The Guild is the leading professional body for qualified iridologists in the UK, I am a member.

Denny Johnson, the ‘Rayid Model’ of iridology – author and researcher into a specific branch of iridology

Science of Iridology – Iris Analysis and Neuroscience Correlations. Updates can be seen on ‘Iridology Tweets’


Acupuncture-info – A nationwide acupuncturist database

Arnica – A national and local network formed in 2007 by parents concerned about vaccination program.

Drug Dangers – Spreads awareness of prescription drug abuse.

Drug Watch – Drugs and devices awareness

The Herbal Hub – a forum to share passion, commitment and knowledge of herbal medicine

Herb Society– The Society aims to increase the understanding, use and appreciation of herbs and their benefits to health.

Plantlife – A charity that speaks up for the nation’s wild plants

Recall Report – Details on dangerous drugs, recalls and alerts

The informed parent – Resource for vaccinations

What Doctors Don’t Tell You (WDDTY)  –  A monthly health resource publication


Aubrey Organics – Natural skin, hair and body care products

Aveda – Natural skin and hair products, also provide salon and spa services

Daniel Field Hairdressing – Natural hair colouring products

Green People – Organic skin, hair and make-up products, inc. sun lotions

Lavera – Organic mail order cosmetics, inc. vegan products

Living Nature – Skincare made from New Zealand plants and clays combined with cold pressed seed and nut oils

Pravera – Natural and organic beauty shop offering skincare, cosmetics, perfume and soaps

Real Seed Catalogue – Stock no hybrids or genetically modified seed and encourage home seed saving

Seventh Wave Supplements – Natural and additive free – the Nutrition Waveolution

Updated May 2018

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