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Iridology Snippets

In the iris the colarette appears as a visible band of a slightly different colour that encircles the pupil. Also known as the Autonomic Nervous Wreath, this band provides information about the nervous system; when smooth and round there is often a balanced approach to life, when erratic there is often a tendency to be more reactive, there may also be intolerances and allergies.

In his research John Andrews has found that in a restricted colarette – one that is closer in its position to the pupil, there is a tendency to have reduced natural killer cells (and therefore reduced immune function). There is also a frequent finding of lowered zinc levels and caffeine intolerance as well as an emotional tendency towards pessimism.






The Herbal Clinic in Swansea provides natural healthcare with the use of organic herbs, acupuncture and iridology.

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