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Each patient receives an in-depth analysis; our job is to understand the reasons why symptoms or disease occur.

We all respond to things differently and everyone is unique in this quality. We see, for example, many cases of arthritis, abdominal pain or skin complaints and their causes are always varied, therefore advice and treatment has to be specific to the person, not the disease.

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For a first appointment, expect to be in the clinic for around 2-3 hours. Details such as diet, family and medical history are taken before the consultation and then a health program is discussed after. Medicines are prescribed and prepared, on the premises, following the consultation.

As questions or advice can be needed at any time, we offer regular communication between appointments; we prefer to resolve issues as and when they happen. Many of our patients comment that we have a strong commitment and our level of care is second to none.

The Herbal Clinic has evolved. First established in 1977 in Maesteg, then in 1983 in our current premises, we have seen thousands of patients and gained plenty of experience.

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If you wish to speak to me regarding your case, please ring 01792 474356


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