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An individual is unique in the way he or she sees and interprets the world around: part of examining the development of ill heath is to understand these perspectives.

Correcting habits and lifestyle choices which promote disease is necessary for lasting results.

My science degree training in Herbal Medicine, post-graduate courses and continued professional development, often focus on this principle. I believe this to be an indisputable tool to correcting chronic conditions.  The mind is powerful: understanding ones personal habits and reactions is often half the solution.

Is is said that the subconscious mind can process 20,000,000 bits of information per second. The conscious mind can only process about 40 per second. This equates to the subconscious processing 500,000 time more than the conscious mind.

So, when we experience a trauma, a stressful event or even see the pain of another; our subconscious mind does the far majority of the analyzing. This is stored and influences our thoughts and actions, leading a reduction in health quality.

Of course, it also works conversely. Positive remarks from say, a loved one, or doing well in tests will build a healthier subconscious and lead to better health as the brain communicates with the rest of the body.

As the power of our habits and beliefs develop from the moment we can think, this neurological programming or mapping of the brain becomes part of us.  The conscious and subconscious is integral to this and helps to prove just how individual we are.

A part of this process can be referred to as psychotherapy, as it aims to increase the individual’s sense of their own well-being via the mind.

Hence, holistic medicine must involve the physical and mental aspects of us.

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