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Herbal-Clinic-logo-40-x-40-publications-on-website2Sent to ‘South Wales Evening Post’ ,  ‘Western Mail’, ‘ Guardian’, ‘Telegraph’, ‘Healthy’ magazine, ‘Natural Health’ magazine, ‘Swansea Bay’ magazine and ‘Mumbles Community Times’.


Dear Editor – War has been waged by journalist Simon Singh against the alternative health magazine ‘What Doctors Don’t Tell You’. Singh criticised the publication for containing adverts with ‘pseudoscientific’ claims and wrote to distributors asking them not to stock it.

Lynne McTaggart, editor of ‘WDDTY’ hit back, rebuking not only the validity of this accusation, but also pointing out that the British Medical Association has just released figures indicating that just thirteen percent of standard medical treatments are known to be clinically effective; thus it is time to look at potential alternatives.

So what is going wrong?

The current model for medical scientific research is inherently flawed. It assumes that people are machines and that our bodies all work in the same way, therefore all diseases have the same cause and should respond to the same treatment.

This simply is not true. We are complex and unique individuals; the cause of one person’s migraines will often be very different from that of another’s. Giving all migraine sufferers the same drug or natural treatment in the name of research and expecting it to work will always result in a low success rate.

Empirical research over the last thirty years at The Herbal Clinic has shown, for example, ten patients presenting with arthritis will each require a different formulation of herbs tailored to their personal constitution and circumstances. The same effective results will not be gained if they were all given the same herb, but this is how a scientific study would be conducted.

For healthcare to succeed, time must be devoted to establishing the cause of disease in each individual, as very often it is not simply a case of ‘faulty chemistry’ that can be fixed with synthetic chemicals.

Yours faithfully,

Meilyr James



The Herbal Clinic in Swansea provides natural healthcare with the use of organic herbs, acupuncture and iridology.

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