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Overactive Thyroid (Hyperthyroidism)

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Overactive thyroid (or Hyperthyroidism) occurs when there is an excess of the thyroid hormone in the body. This speeds up the body’s metabolism resulting in symptoms such as anxiety and palpitations, restlessness, irritability and hair loss.

Before considering nutritional solutions, it is vital to ensure that the thyroid problem has been addressed successfully. Once resolved excess hair loss should decrease slowly within a few months. Left unchecked an overactive thyroid can become exhausted resulting in hypo-thyroidism (underactive) which also has hair-loss as a symptom.

In my experience hyperthyroid tends to develop following life traumas or periods of over-exertion when an individual has had to push themselves physically and mentally. There may be a psychological link with difficulty in expressing oneself.

Vitamins and minerals can become depleted during periods of stress and high metabolic activity so it is essential to eat a well balanced diet consisting of 70% alkaline forming foods (fruits and vegetables) and 30% acid forming (proteins and grains).

To encourage hair regeneration include in your diet:

VITAMIN D – Crucial for a healthy thyroid gland, deficiency has been implicated in hair loss. Found in oily fish – such as mackerel, sardines and herrings. This vitamin also aids absorption of iron.

IRON – Research indicates that IRON DEFICIENCY is one of the commonest causes of hair loss, include some lean red meat, red lentils and leafy greens.

VITAMINS A and C – Contained in carrots, sweet potatoes and dark green vegetables, these vitamins encourage the production of sebum for healthy hair and scalp.

ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS – Necessary for healthy hair and skin, these oils can be found in nuts and seeds such as hemp, flax and pumpkin seeds. Also useful for healing the nervous system.

Scalp massage can stimulate blood flow to the scalp, encouraging follicular regeneration. A herbal hair lotion can be made with a decoction of Rosemary, Marshmallow and Blackberry leaf or a mixture of neem and coconut oils.





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