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Herbal Clinic logo 40 x 40 - publications on websiteDear Editor,

Your recent article ‘Hundreds diagnosed with malnutrition in Wales’ highlights a small fraction of a widely ignored problem.

It is astounding that there is a lack of understanding of something as essential as nutrition in a country that is considered ‘advanced’. It is saddening that a great number of people who take the time to prepare nourishing meals are still lacking in essential/basic nutrients.

One reason for this lack has been highlighted by nutritionist and writer Kirsten Davies; food contains fewer nutrients today than it did in the past. We have found over the last thirty years at The Herbal Clinic that the key to nourishment and health lies in a healthy digestion. Unfortunately this is what is compromised in so many cases.

When the digestion is under strain an individual may experience uncomfortable symptoms – bloating, heartburn and indigestion, but the effects don’t end here. The results of fewer nutrients absorbed and toxins produced from partially digested foods include low energy, aching joints, poor skin and frequent infections.

Digestive disease is frequently ignored, yet often there is a relatively simple resolution once the problem has been identified and tackled.

Stress and anxiety can play a major part in digestive disturbance. Stress creates a ‘fight or flight’ response, preparing the body to take action by diverting blood flow from the core and digestion to the limbs and muscles. Long-term stress repeatedly deprives the digestive system of the rich blood supply necessary for absorption of nutrients and digestion becomes chronically impaired.

Many diseases result from an inability to absorb nutrients, rather than a lack of intake. Perhaps it is time we all paid more attention to our own digestion; there is always room for improvement.

Yours faithfully,

M James


Sent to: South Wales Evening Post, Western Mail, Guardian and Daily Mail




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