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Interview with a Herbalist

Meilyr James – Herbalist

Is there a difference between Herbal medicine and Homeopathy?

They are completely different- based on starkly opposite principles. Homeopathy uses infinitesimal quantities of a substance to treat like for like. Herbal medicine utilises the naturally occurring compound in plants to facilitate the body’s own healing process. Orthodox treatment is often originally derived from plants, but is then manufactured synthetically having isolated one active component.


What does the word ‘holistic’ really mean?

This is at the core of what we do. To treat a person holistically you must spend time and effort to explore all the reasons why the illness has become established, from character traits to diet and relationships.


Why do people choose to visit this practice?

We have many recommendations from the friends and family of previous patients. Some patients contact us after having tried orthodox and specialist treatment unsuccessfully


Do you treat all age groups and do all respond equally well?

We treat all, from new born through to patients in their 90s. How well each responds is dependent on the individual.


What is unique about The Herbal Clinic?

We have a deep level of commitment to the patient, providing support throughout; we liaise daily when necessary to overcome certain difficulties. Healing is an active process so patients learn to take responsibility for their own health too.


What makes treatment at the Herbal Clinic so successful?

We understand the importance of treating the root cause of the problem and strive to find a permanent resolution. We have an on-site laboratory in which we prepare all our own medicines and our trained staff members have years of experience here.


Why did you branch out into Acupuncture?

I found acupuncture more immediate in resolving musculoskeletal problems such as knee and back injuries.


Your mother was also a herbalist, did she influence your work?

Very much so. My mother’s relentless determination and consequent success to solve anything was a great inspiration.


Is herbal medicine today based on scientific research?

Most of our understanding of herbs has come through empirical knowledge, much of which is now backed by scientific research. Unfortunately some of the research is misleading as it is based on the testing of an active constituent of the plant which, when taken in its whole form, would not produce the same effects.


Do you enjoy your work?

Love it. It is both challenging and immensely satisfying when patients improve.


And finally… If there were only one piece of advice you could give to all to promote health, what would it be?

It is too difficult to choose just one piece of advice as so many aspects of life are of equal importance – off the cuff I would suggest to drink more water (most people don’t drink enough.) We are made up of 60-70% percent water and this simple step can really improve health.  Equally, to be happy and able to see the positive in a situation. It is also important that people realise that they have control and can make a significant impact on their own health.


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The Herbal Clinic in Swansea provides natural healthcare with the use of organic herbs, acupuncture and iridology.


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