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Genetic Modification – Crops

Dear Editor – Genetic modification has made the news recently as the Environment Secretary called for the adoption of the technology, stating that GM crops offer ‘the most wonderful opportunities to improve human health’.

The Soil Association, a group of farmers, scientists and nutritionists who campaign for healthy, humane and sustainable food and farming believe differently. Policy director Peter Melchett commented that GM ‘drives out and destroys the systems that international scientists agree we need to feed the world’, suggesting that GM crops would profit large companies, not the poorer farmers who are in real need of help.

By nature plants cross-pollinate and spread genes further afield. Introduction of GM crops will gradually remove the choice of those who do not wish to consume genetically modified material. A growing number of published, peer reviewed, controlled animal studies demonstrate that genetically modified organisms cause a wide range of serious unexpected health impacts, such as allergic reactions.(1)

In the thirty years the Herbal Clinic has been established we have seen overwhelming evidence of the innate intelligence of nature. Natural medicines work with the body’s own healing systems, strengthening them and allowing the process of rejuvenation to take its course. The human body has an astonishing ability to regenerate, even from chronic and severe diseases including asthma, arthritis and cancers.

Genetic modification is not part of nature. Nowhere in nature do the genes of a plant combine with those of an animal or bacteria.

Do we choose to move away from systems that foster the strength and diversity of our natural environment and embrace a technology with questionable repercussions for health?

Yours faithfully,

The Herbal Clinic – Swansea

Meilyr James BSc (Hons) DBTh DAcu AcuC DIr MGNI.

Registered Medical Herbalist, Iridologist and Acupuncturist

1 “Genetically modified soy leads to the decrease of weight and high mortality of rat pups of the first generation”, preliminary studies. EcosInform 2006, 1, 4–9 (in Russian), Ermakova IV

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