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Shingles: Herbs and Acupuncture Outperform Standard Medication for Treatment of Shingles

Researchers from three independent studies have concluded that acupuncture and herbal medicine significantly relieve rashes and pain associated with the herpes zoster virus (shingles). The combination of these two treatments outperformed  the standard treatment of antiviral and anti-inflammatory medications.

The shingles viral infection is characterized by painful blisters, usually located in a single strip on either side of the trunk, neck, or face. Even once the blisters have subsided, patients can be left with severe neuralgia (nerve pain), which may last for several weeks or months.

One of the studies was conducted by researchers at the People’s Hospital of Shenyang Economic and Technological Development Zone. A total of 88 patients with a clinical diagnosis of a herpes zoster infection were recruited and randomly assigned to an acupuncture and herbal medicine observation group or a drug control group (including anti-inflammatory and antiviral medications).

Patients with a complete resolution of rashes and clinical symptoms (including pain) were classified as cured. In patients with at least a 30% improvement in rashes and pain reduction, the treatment was classified as effective. In patients showing less than 30% improvement in rashes and no change or worsening of pain, the treatment was classified as ineffective.

In the acupuncture and herbal medicine observation group, 25 patients were cured, 18 cases were classified as effective, and one case was classified as ineffective, yielding a total effective rate of 97.7%.

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