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This technique is designed to assess the character of the pulse.  Additional to the rate and rhythm of the heartbeat, normally conducted by a general practitioner, the Traditional Chinese Medicine model provides clinical information to enable an understanding of the patient at many levels.

The pulse is a dynamic mechanism of the body, changing constantly and relates to the internal workings of the body.  This technique helps to confirm the current state of specific organs, infectious conditions and constitutional tendencies.

The book, entitled ‘The Web That Has No Weaver’ by Ted Kaptchuk, details, with significant research, the effectiveness and application of the pulse.

In July 2011, research was conducted by the ‘Evidence Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine’ journal to quantify the diagnostic method of pulse reading.  Its specific aim was to ascertain high and normal blood pressure, using the eight element method used in my training; depth, rate, regularity, width, length, smoothness, stiffness and strength.

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