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Acupuncture is effective for conditions where pain is a major factor and my patients usually see the benefit immediately. This can be from an obvious swelling or a deep muscle ache in the abdomen.

I often see injuries to the joints, such as the shoulder, back, knee and elbow. Cases are detailed here as a helpful guide to some treatments I do and our testimonials can be found here.

Within consultation and exploring the root cause of your complaint, I suggest adding acupuncture as part of the treatment, as this speeds recovery.

I am also trained by Danny Van Laethem to use electro-acupuncture. Although this may sound alarming, the device is battery operated and used to enhance the effect of the needles interaction with your nervous system.

Between appointments, for those who see me for chronic or persistent conditions like asthma, depression or eczema, patients will often book in at short notice to help with a strained wrist or painful hip.

I have been taught many treatments that bring back that vital spirit we all have; to help us move away from anxiety states or lift that brain fog which limits our thinking and focus.

Patients often ring me to talk before booking in for the first time and this gives me the opportunity to explain my method of working.

Click here for our opening times and costs.  Our contact number is 01792 474356


The World Health Organisation has a long list of recognized conditions which have been proven to respond to acupuncture, but in my opinion this only scratches the surface.

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