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The Herbal Clinic was established in 1977 in its first location in Commercial Street, Maesteg, South Wales, by Ifanca James.

In 1981 another branch was opened in Craddock Street, Swansea.

The success of the clinic soon necessitated larger premises and in 1983 both clinics were amalgamated and moved into a permanent building at 32 King Edward Road, Swansea.

My Mother, Ms Ifanca Hélène James BA(Hons) DBTh DHoM LCH MBRI MGNI MHMA (UK) opened the practice in 1977. Between 1996 and 2007 she also worked for the GCRCH later to become the IRCH.

Herbal Clinic Dispensary Workstation
Herbal Clinic Dispensary Workstation

Over the years, we have found that patient support is fundamental to the ethos of the clinic. Between consultations our trained and experienced staff are available for advice and guidance and I, the practitioner,  can be contacted whenever necessary. The Clinic is open during normal working hours from Monday to Friday and all queries are dealt with immediately.

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