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The consultation is tailored to your individual needs and usually lasts between one or two hours. Following this, a nutritional approach is prepared, based on clinical findings.

We use non-invasive, diagnostic examination techniques. This includes physical examination, urine testing, iridology, tongue examination and pulse diagnosis. Further details can be seen on these links:

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The medicines have a safety record of thousands of years and are prepared on the premises individually for each patient. They are made from naturally occurring organic* herbs into a prescription uniquely suited to the individual’s needs. This often takes the form of a liquid extract called an elixir, but other forms of extraction, such as tinctures, infusions or herb ‘teas’ may be given; oils, ointments, powders, capsules or tablets etc may also be prescribed.

We consider ourselves fortunate to be able to provide our medicines the traditional way. Unlike commercial herbal medicines, the majority of our preparations are non-alcoholic, freshly made and use the whole herb. This adheres to the historic methods in which most of our knowledge originates. We have our own laboratory and dispensary and make our medicines on a continual basis.

Pharmaceutical / doctors medication

A patient should never try to discontinue medication until their immune system has been restored to a sufficient degree and they have reached an optimum state of health where the drugs are no longer needed. The process of withdrawal is carefully monitored by the practitioner.

Patient Progress

We have an excellent success rate. With acute conditions, relief begins immediately.  For more chronic, long standing problems, this takes longer.

For example, a patient suffering from arthritis and subject to potent inorganic drugs for over 20 years cannot expect to have their condition reversed within a matter of days or even weeks. Only by suppressing symptoms or using powerful painkillers, can a person obtain instant, albeit temporary relief. Such an approach is no different from taking, for example, a paracetamol for a toothache and leaving the tooth to rot instead of visiting a dentist for repair.

Herbs can be quickly effective. While treating the ‘whole person’, there is a gradual, but definite restoration of energy and a wonderful sense of well-being as the process of detoxification and the clearing away of symptoms takes place. Many patients comment that it feels like a veil has been lifted.

The length of treatment will depend on many factors and because Herbal Medicine gives true and long-lasting healing, rather than simply ‘papering over the cracks’, treatment may take several weeks or months. Generally, the longer a person has been ill, the longer it may take to restore health.

We have much pleasure in resolving many symptoms a patient suffers, on top of their main complaint. This is simply the natural method, using holistic principles.


* Organic herbs are used whenever possible, which is the far majority of our stock

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