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Darren Gibbs

Darren is a Clinical Somatic Educator and Somatic Exercise Coach (one of only two in Wales) and also a fully qualified Yoga teacher with over 15 years experience. He has taught active somatics since September 2016 at the Herbal Clinic.

Similar to going to yoga or tai chi, this mindful technique based on subtle body movements, can alter long-established poor habits.

Darren provides a 1 to 1 consultation and ensures the correct techniques are being followed.

Written details of the movements are also provided upon request.

Darren began his journey towards Hanna Somatic Education when he began practicing Martial Arts at a young age. He then progressed organically to Yoga and is a well established & respected Yoga teacher. Through constant refinement and exploration, he became aware of Hanna Somatic Education and to him, this made perfect sense.

Darren has been teaching and exploring movement for over 25 years and in recent years has switched almost exclusively to teaching Somatics due to its, often dramatic effectiveness.

Through training clinically under Martha Peterson of Essential SomaticsĀ®, Darren has continued his development to become a popular Somatic Educator with an ability to make Somatics easily understood and accessible for all.

From coaching athletes to achieve greater levels of performance and quicker recovery times through to post-operative recuperation, active somatics help with all levels of aches and pains in between, Darren has developed a style of teaching that is adaptable for workplaces, workshops and clinical sessions.

Practices at the Herbal Clinic, alternate Mondays

Contact 01792 474356 to make an appointment

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